Pure Country™
Split-Rail Cedar Fencing

Pure Country™ Split Rail Cedar Fencing is known for it’s exceptional quality, distinctive craftsmanship and rustic "Old Western" appearance. Every post and rail is hand hewn and aesthetically pleasing as they curve in and around knots. The fine grained cedar requires no preservatives and has a high resistance to decay. For all the info about Pure Country™ Fencing please go to our new website:

10’ – 3 rail system

We carry a full line of 1, 2, 3 and 4 rail options with either 10’ or 8’ rails. The rails are notched and the posts are drilled so they are easy to install. One and 4 rail posts as well as pre-made split rail gates and pre-assembled split rail Garden Arbours made from Western Red Cedar are available only by special order. Pure Country™ is an all natural post and rail fencing system that is the most distinctive, rustic country fence to beautify your yard, acreage or farm. We guarantee you will be happy with the quality of our product.

Fence Parts List

10' Rails 10' 12' 155
8' Rails 8' 12' 155
Jumbo rails 10' 14' 110
Pony Rails 10' 10' 180
Pony Post - 2 Rail 5'4" 16" 45
Pony Post - 3 Rail 6'6" 16" 45
1-Rail Line Posts 39" 18' 72
1-Rail End Posts 39" 18' 72
1-Rail Corner Posts 39" 18' 72
2-Rail Line Posts 5'4' 18' 72
2-Rail End Posts 5'4' 18' 72
2-Rail Corner Posts 5'4' 18' 72
3-Rail Line Posts 6'6' 18' 72
3-Rail End Posts 6'6' 18' 72
3-Rail Corner Posts 6'6' 18' 72
4-Rail Line Posts 7'6' 18' 72
4-Rail End Posts 7'6' 18' 72
4-Rail Corner Posts 7'6' 18' 72
2-Rail Gate 4'4"   1
3-Rail Gate 4'4"   1
2-Rail Gate 8'4"   1
3-Rail Gate 8'4"   1
2-Rail Gate 10'4"   1
3-Rail Gate 10'4"   1
Arbour Kits 8' H, 6' W, 3' D   1
7'6" no hole posts   18' 72
6'6" no hole posts   18' 72
10' no hole posts or Super Jumbo Rail   18' 65

* Please note the 10’ Jumbo rails can be used as a smaller girth line post

* Arbours come pre-assembled in three pieces and it takes about 15 min to set up

Mountain Bark Inc. holds the distribution rights for Pure Country™ Split Rail Cedar Fencing™ and is actively looking for dealers throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Interested dealers should contact Mountain Bark Inc. at 877-686-2275.

For information on Mountain Bark Fence Installation Services please go to Our services page.

Wildlife and Line Posts

We supply 6’6”, 7’6” and 10’ split post options for use as wire line fencing. All line posts are blunt, but can be special ordered pointed for a post pounder. The 10’ posts are also used to build the classic split rail cedar snake fence. The fine grained Western Red Cedar has a natural preservative which is organic and non-toxic. Western Red Cedar requires no preservatives or staining and is highly resistant to decay and turns a natural grey over time. Our products are easy to dispose of and contain NO toxic man-made chemicals that can leach out into the environment and affect livestock or wildlife. Because of Western Red Cedars’ environmentally friendly qualities, our Pure Country™ posts are well-suited for use in agriculture or in wildlife management. Western Red Cedar is especially well suited for use around water bodies or in riparian areas. According to Canada Oceans & Fisheries, Western Red Cedar is a preferred building material for use in and around water bodies as it has natural preservatives which improve product longevity in wet environments. (See attached Building Materials pdf) Split Cedar fencing has been used for hundreds of years and is proven for its lasting qualities. In industries where the environment and quality are important, Pure Country™ split posts and rails are the product for you.

No Chemicals, No Plastic, just Pure Country™ Split Cedar Fencing


Click on the image to view a larger version

8' 3-rail fence
8’- 3 rail installed by Mountain Bark for Corey Homes
8' 3-rail fence
8’- 3 rail installed by Mountain Barkfor Corey Homes
Garden Arbor
Garden Arbour
Classic Snake Fence
Classic Snake Fence made from 10’ posts
PreDrilled Posts
All posts are predrilled and all rails are notched
6', 7', and 10' line posts
6’6”, 7’6” and 10’ line posts
2- and 3-rail gates
2 and 3 rail gates of various lengths
1-rail posts with 10' rails
1 rail posts with 10’ rails – Boulder Creek Golf Course, Langdon AB
4-rail fence with 10' rails
4 Rail with 10’ rails
2-rail 2-post fence
2 Rail 2 Post System – Zions National Park, Utah USA
3-rail fence with 10' rails
3 Rail with 10’ rails – Red Deer River
10' rails lagged onto 10' posts
10’ Rails lagged onto 10’No Hole Posts
Riding Arena from 3-rail fencing
Riding Arena built with 3 rail post and 8’ rails
Classic Snake Rail
Classic Snake Rail Fence with 10’ unscarfed regular rails

Installation Tips

  1. Install corner post plumb and straight.
  2. Use a string line to ensure fence is straight.
  3. Dig holes 10 feet on center and 27 inches deep to ensure bottom rail is approximately 12 inches above ground.
  4. After corner post is installed slide rails into corner and then into the second post.
  5. Tamp dirt around each post as it is installed
  6. We recommend adding 1-2" minus crushed gravel as tamping material to solidify each post.
  • Ensure that the widest side of the rail is up.
  • Continue installing rails and posts until line is complete.
  • Note that Gates are roughly 4 inches wider than the rail length and require an additional 2” for rough opening.

Benefits and Features

Long Lasting

Western Red split cedar lasts longer than sawn or round wood. It is known to last a lifetime in certain soils. It's split design and fine grain provide a high resistance to decay.

Environmentally Friendly

Western Red Cedar requires no harmful preservatives. It is naturally bug and rot resistant

Easy to Install

Western Red Cedar split rails are notched and posts are drilled so they fit together easily. They are fast and easy to assemble.

Easy to Maintain

Western Red Cedar split rail fencing requires no painting; however a stain or clear sealer may be applied to keep the beautiful cedar colour. Left untreated the cedar post and rails will turn a light silver-gray.

Diverse Applications

Pure Country™ Split Rail Cedar Fencing is decorative and functional. Pure Country™ Fencing is excellent for use in parks, golf courses, subdivisions, church grounds, acreages, farms and ranches.