Mountain Cedar Firewood

Made from 100% Western Red Cedar, our firewood bundles burn cleanly, smell wonderful and are amazingly inexpensive.
Pick up a 3-pack for only 20 bucks! AND each additional pack is only $5 at time of purchase!

Need more wood? Then you'll be glad we also offer this excellent firewood in bulk:
  • ½ cord - $200
  • full cord - $350

Western Cedar Firewood Sale

Sea Soil Mulch

SEA SOIL is unlike any soil on the market today. SEA SOIL consists of 50% fish and 50% forest fines. Fish are "nature's best organic fertilizer" that will break down slowly and be available for an entire growing season.

Sea Soil is a Certified Organic mulch that is the BEST compost to maximize your four plants. It is disease resistant, PH balanced with high organic matter and excellent moisture retention.

To help introduce Sea Soil to our customers, we're offering
1 Bag for $10 or 2 Bags for $17 until the end of May, 2019

We also offer full-palette discounts. Please call us for pricing.

SeaSoil - Organic Mulch

Latest Specials

For every supplied and installed fencing job over 500' booked from now until the 31st of May, 2019 get a free bale of Western Red Cedar bark mulch!

Free Mulch Bale

Call (403) 995-2209 or (877) 686-2275
to place your order!!

Call (403) 995-2209
(877) 686-2275
to place your order!!