Our Dealers Deliver

The feature advantage of the 5.5 cu yd bales of Western Red Cedar bark mulch is the unique compressed packaging that allows a bale to be put in the back of a standard size half ton truck at your local dealer. Also, many of our dealers have the ability to deliver the 5.5 cu yd bales directly to your landscape. Talk to your local dealer about the services they have available.
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White Truck and Trailer

The Virtues of MOUNTAIN BARK Dealer Value Offering

  • Packaging prevents the wind from spreading mulch across your city
  • Packaging prevents thieves (or your neighbour) from mulching their shrub bed
  • Placing the product exactly where you need in your landscape site minimizes the cost and time to spread and install the ground cover

Bulk Services

At Mountain Bark we can supply you any volume of ground cover you desire from our 5.5 cubic yard very convenient mountain cedar bale to 120 cubic yard loads of Douglas fir bark nuggets, 150 yard loads of Western Red Cedar and 50 or 100 yard loads of Pine mulch. The bulk orders are shipped in specialized bulk trailers designed to haul light density products such as bark mulch. However, these truck and trailer units are very large and cannot access some locations, so please give us a call to determine your needs and accessibility 403 995 2209.

Pure Country™ Fence Installation Service

Mountain Bark installs all types of split rail cedar fencing; post & rail, wildlife & line fencing, and classic old country styles. You can use our contact page to request a quote or call us at 1.877.686.2275.

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10’ – 3 rail system installed by Mountain Bark at Harmony Ridges Estates, for Deer Creek Developments, De Winton AB 
8’ - 2 rail system – installed by Mountain Bark for Sterling Spring Community Association, Springbank, AB
Fencing crew – Red Deer River Valley
3 rail posts with 10’ rails - Red Deer River Valley